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i posted few of my own stories lately. in indonesian of course--its too much troublesome to translated all of them in to english -_-

kalau ada yang minat baca ceritaku yang lain aku pajang di

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kk ;;v;;
Mon Jul 16, 2012, 9:00 PM
@Brownez-Koekoez iyaaah~~ XD --> O x O
Thu Feb 2, 2012, 6:59 PM
Ekpresi kucingnya itu looo --> [link]
Wed Feb 1, 2012, 3:05 AM
oh... sama-sama mbak... ^^
Sun Jan 29, 2012, 7:42 AM
Alex: *tangkep Jack* <--buset, langsung nongol! XD
Thu Jan 12, 2012, 7:19 PM
*lempar Jack* :la::la::la:
Mon Jan 9, 2012, 10:57 PM
cuma kalo dikasih link sama temen aja, A' ^^;
Sat Jan 7, 2012, 10:31 PM
Ta, suka main ke 9gag(dot)com gak? Kocak2 lo.
Fri Jan 6, 2012, 5:36 PM
Sat Dec 31, 2011, 10:56 PM
testing satu dua tiga, jreng! duda keren makan duren! duda keren makan duren!!!
Wed Dec 28, 2011, 8:45 PM




The Count by CatSummoner
The Count
Remade this from traditional drawing (that totally different meaning, except about a man wear tux) just for a story cover.
The reason I submit this picture in DA because I want to copy the file of this picture to my mobile gadget and I'm too lazy to walking upstairs to get my flashdrive (and no, I can't use bluetooth since this is not my computer, and I don't know this computer's bluetooth code)
--technology is sure make human lazier than before =v=; 

The Count is my unnamed (yet) original character
2014 Art Summary Meme by CatSummoner
2014 Art Summary Meme
Hello guys~~ :icontomaslaplz:
Just realized that last year Art Summary Memes hadn't done yet, so...
I decided to make one =w=

2014 really an interesting year for me and my arts.
For some reason almost all my Role Playing activities decreased. That made huge space for me to doing something more. But in the end all that I've done was only experimenting with all techniques I already known. It was fun, though.. doing all over again what I learned from art school.
But it really cost a lot, while I made almost none from them... =v=;

anyway, about this art summary memes for a year. Let's started with...

January: CLAC: NY (harusnya) - Transaksi ini Legal, kah?
An event from Clover-Latte RP group. About our role playing manager gave-out ang-pao to each of us. With my OC age appearance, it looks like the manager hand-out ransom money to a local Mafia ^^;  

February: Happy Birthday, Edsel~
Still from the same role playing group. My younger sister, kairikazu's OC birthday gift

March: CLAC: Soul Swap - Bawang dan Duren
Doing a soul-swap memes for same role playing group, since I almost got no interaction with any other's OC that supposed to be related to mine

April: (early) Birthday Gift: RAE
Made a fanart picture for one of my friend's Birthday. The sofa are digitally painted

May: Seasonal Theme 01
I got the idea when I'm on vacation to my parent's house. I made season related pictures with each of my suited OC in it

June: CLAC: O'om Duren bisa Selfie
Last event from our RP group. I kinda excited, and made a huge mistakes. Hopefully no one realized it =v=;

One of my favorite's art from when I did 30 days art challange. Ginko from Mushishi

August: CLAC: HBD bos Agi
Clover-Latte founder's birthday gift

Made for my childhood friend's birthday gift. She was a huge fan of Dragon Ball series, especially future Trunks  

This is one of my favorite's piece from when I joined #inktober event

The only (rather) decent art I made this month. For a private reason I kinda busy this month

December: MUGEN: SS - Magnum's Snow Time
Suddenly one of the other role playing groups I joined, held an event I could joined. Since I really need a good diversion, I made this piece with all my heart... at first. But then I lost my energy at the finishing works, so... It turned out a bit messy  

Hope this year I made some progress

last years meme-->
2013 art Summary by CatSummoner
My 2012 Art Summary Meme by CatSummoner
2011 Art Summary Meme by CatSummoner
blank meme -->…
CLAC - Edsel cosplaying Ferid Bathory by CatSummoner
CLAC - Edsel cosplaying Ferid Bathory
Made for my dear sister kairikazu's birthday gift
Her O.C, Edsel in :iconclover-latte: role playing group, cosplaying as Ferid Bathory from anime TV series, Owari no Seraph
Hai semua kawan-kawan Clover-Latte! :wave:
Lama tidak bersua~

Ini gambar yang diambil si Duren waktu Edsel sedang melakukan langkah ala catwalk sambil berkosplei jadi Ferid Bathory, dari Owari no Seraph. Fotonya diambil untuk hadiah ulang tahun author-nya Edsel, sehari yang lalu.
Seperti yang bisa dilihat di gambar, Edsel agak keberatan untuk berpose se-flamboyan karakter yang dia perankan... tapi demi sang author tercinta Edsel berjuang~

--setelah lama tidak buka DA, yang pertama saya submit ke grup malah gambar waiter dari kafe cabang lain =v=;


Edsel (c) :iconkairikazu:
art by me
costume from Owari no Seraph
Dnd_5th lv - campaign - Sunyoto by CatSummoner
Dnd_5th lv - campaign - Sunyoto
My other friend's MakotoSei's #dungeonsanddragons character, Bradzt Sunyoto (I haven't done with his character design sheet yet).
One of our 5th level campaign, where Brazt got caught by Treant's (tree monster) vines. But.. since his dice really lucky, he could free him self with a little bit wiggling :giggle:

DnD_1st lv - Draz by CatSummoner
DnD_1st lv - Draz
Tony's (our friend, not a deviant art user) #dungeonsanddragons  character.
#elf Wizard, named Draz. I. W

His concept of his character's color scheme are a bit vague, so after discuss about it with our Dungeon Master, :iconlonglei:,  we decided to use purple-ish ( I called it amethyst and purple) colors.


Nekomancer is RPing ~
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
:bulletyellow:calling all cats! come here kitty-kitty!:bulletyellow:
my first digital coloring...
check my gallery and see how much i have develop!


Current Residence: Soerabaia
Favourite genre of music: none (new age, maybe... any kind of musics s alright)
Favourite cartoon character: none (too many)
Personal Quote: buah yg ga manis itu bukan buah!
My first submission on deviantart.
kucing-ponsel by CatSummoner
Introduced by a friend, I joined this web-sosial/art-media just for the sake of watching arts that I like. I don't have enough courage to put my own in my page, so I only submit my crappy photographs of my beloved cats and kittens.

My first drawing submission on deviantart.

Blue Dressed cat by CatSummoner
I just got a new sketchbook back then, and after awhile I had the opportunity to coloring my drawing. So excited by the result, I ended up submitted it to deviantart.

My first digital coloring.
give me your luck by CatSummoner
Again... a friend of mine encouraging me to coloring my drawing using drawing software. He even lent me his pen tablet to try on. But I ended up using mouse since I still hadn't used to using pen tablet.

My latest deviantart submission.
Tugas sebagai calon Ketua Klan. Apa sesungguhnya yang dimaksud dengan itu, adalah pertanyaan yang berputar-putar dalam benak Fei Wong kecil. Sebagai putra kedua dari ketua sebuah klan besar, dia hanya mendengar dari rumor dan mendapat sedikit pengetahuan yang dia butuhkan dari para guru pribadi yang bergantian datang mengajarinya.
Seandainya dia bertanya langsung pada para guru pribadinya pun, belum tentu dia akan mendapatkan jawaban utuh. Karena sebagaimana halnya seluruh anggota keluarga yang lain, para guru pribadi itu pun beranggapan Fei Wong tidak akan membutuhkan pengetahuan itu.
Masa depan Klan mereka yang gemilang ada di tangan kakak laki-lakinya yang beberapa tahun lebih tua dari Fei Wong. Semua percaya begitu. Termasuk juga Fei Wong kecil.
Di mata anak itu, Fei Hung selalu tampak hebat. Dengan berbagai kemampuan yang dapat dipelajari dengan mudah, Fei Hung dapat berdiri jauh di atas rekan-rekan dan saingan sesama calon Ketua Klan yang lain. Di usia Fei Hung yang masih sangat

After 6 years.. many thing happened. I start getting used to digital coloring and drawing. I knew about role playing group. Trying to made some fanarts. Submit stories I wrote. I even have my own pen tablet now (well.. technically I shared it with a house mate, since we took share for paying it).

Not many of friends I met still around in here. But each of them has their own special meaning to me.
First time hitting fave button, I got to met this beauty below.
Disney Heroes - Milo J. Thatch by davidkawena
A bit regretting why I don't realizing that there is a practical button to show how I love an art in deviantart.. ^^;
Then, this person made something ridiculously amusing...
.the most beautiful duct tape by Mogu
After that.. I met many amazing arts, I'd hit fave button without hesitation.
This one photograph below, really hit me in the heart.
Fluffy Icecream. by LiiQa
Too cute and too fuzzy and warm to be an Ice Cream cone... But who cares? 

Then I found out that my sister already joined this site before me.
She is really talented and hardworking girl. This one below is what she made for me for the first time.
Freesketch_ShangFei by kairikazu
It's my O.C that I asked her for freesketch meme.
From her, I met more friends in deviantart, through a massive Indonesian RP group (but I'd never joined it though).
This one below is one of m favorite from her.
CR:Mission 7: SONG IS A HEART: MELANCHOLY by kairikazu
(Actually I have her other art that I fave more, but I couldn't found it...)
From her, I found out that one of my cousin is joined here too..
Tiara Imot by Brownez-Koekoez
He has a very cute drawing style.

I also met many great arts and great artist I couldn't mention because they're so many of them.
Some still around. Some I never heard of them in again (hope they're okay). Some already made a pretty success or busy IRL, they couldn't made it to appear in DA.
A bit sad when you lost contact with a friend..
But I still have some new friend I met accidentally through many channel, so I guess I'm okay with it ^^;

I don't know how many years this site will stay on. But I'll try to enjoyed it as long as I can =)


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